Monday, 8 October 2012



Hey, I just wrote a new poem.... Yeah, I know... Too fast ????
Anyway, hope you like it... Please comment... :D


Is torture when I say,
'You are not for me',
While my heart ache for you to be.

Is painful with you away,
When all I want from you,
Is to be near me like you always do.

Every minute,
Reminds me about our limit,
How I can never express this correctly,
But I hope you understand me.

Every night,
I wonder where is my light,
Now I know it's not from your love,
But from up above.

I hope you can understand,
I can never accept your hand,
For there are boundaries between you and me,
Just like it always will be.

Please forget me,
For it will make things easy,
For me to forget,
My crush on you and what I can never get.
A/N : Heheheheeehe... Hope you like it.... :D
So, All The Best and. . . .  
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Tuesday, 2 October 2012

That Special Something (Working Title)

It's hard to say goodbye,
To someone you loved the most,
It's hard to accept your lost,
And now you're asking "Why?".

Life will hit us with a hard blow,
Life will remind us where we are,
Death is never too far,
Neither is the day after tomorrow.

Someday you'll understand,
That life isn't forever,
Neither is the time we've been together,
Someday all of it will end.

I'm not trying to say,
To forget all the good times,
Neither am I saying that it's a crime,
To fly away.

I wish someone could understand,
What I'm going through,
There has to be one similarity between me and you,
Even though we're from different lands.

This may sound stupid and all,
But I don't care,
Because I just want to play fair,
In this life where I was forced to crawl.

It may not be clear,
But someday you'll find it,
The day when you were still a kid,
Trying hard not to shed a tear.
A/N : Last poem for today!!!!!! 
Okaaayyyy.... I'm gonna go and continue on my story.... :D
So, All The Best and. . . 
Roger and Out. . . :D

What Is Life?

I could never understand,
Why life is never fair,
But when I look back to who I am,
I can finally be more aware.

My life may not be great,
But that's the whole point of it,
To go through life without regret,
And to never change a bit.

When we start to complain about life,
We should really be careful,
And to always think twice,
Because there are others who are hurtful.

There are a lot of challenges waiting for us,
But we never know,
Who should we trust,
And who should we follow.

Life is never easy,
But no one said that it's going to be simple,
Life is always tricky,
So you must be careful who you resemble.
A/N : One more poem and I'm done for today. . . Gonna need to continue working on my story. . .  :D
So, All The Best and. . . 
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To My Beloved Mother

I know you didn't give birth to me,
But you're the one who took care of me,
I know I've been so cruel to you,
But the truth is that I love you.

Why is everything that I do,
Is wrong to you,
Why is everything that you say,
Never come to me in a right way.

When I think of you,
I can't stop crying,
Our emotions are changing,
But I will never forget you.

How can I ever deny,
That you can make me fly,
How can I ever deny,
That you can make me touch the sky.

When I'm old enough to understand,
I might get a chance,
A chance to show you,
How much I love you.
A/N : Believe it or not this poem was written on October 27 2011. . Yeah, I know the exact date because I always write the date. . The reason this poem never got uploaded here is because I lost this poem. .
Luckily I found it and I could tell how it disappeared. The poem was written on a piece of paper. I have so many papers, so it's easy for it to vanish. The surprising part is that I found this poem in my file -where I put all other valuable items. O_o
Anyways, let me know what you think of this poem and if I should give this to my mother. .
So, All The Best and. . . 
Roger and Out. . . :D

Dear Father, I Wonder. . .

Okaaaayyyy.... Here's the rest of my poems. . . :D

Dear Father, I Wonder

Dear father,
I have always wondered,
What it would be like,
If you were never right.

Dear father,
I have always wondered,
What it would be like,
If you were never by my side.

Would I be okay?
Would I find my way?
Would I be able to live on?
Knowing a part of my heart is gone.

Dear father,
I never want to wonder,
About the how's and what's,
Even though it's there in my heart.

Dear father,
I hope you're feeling better,
Because I know you're hurting inside,
Whenever I'm not there in time.

I want you to always be happy,
And know that I love you dearly,
I may not be there,
But I hope you know that I care.

Dear father,
I can only wonder,
What if I was wrong,
About how I'm not strong.

Dear father,
Please tell mother,
That I love her too,
Even though this poem is for you.

Monday, 1 October 2012

Be Myself

This is my last poem for today. . . I'll post the rest tomorrow. . :D

Why can't I be myself?
When I know I'm more than this,
Why is everybody else?
Deleting me from their list.

Am I nothing more than an outcast?
Am I just another freak show?
Why can't I stop living in my past?
And just try to let it go.

I wanna be more than what I show,
I wanna be more than this girl,
I wanna try to let this go,
And see what is real.

I'm a girl you will never understand,
I'm a girl that can be anything I wanna be,
I can sail the world and not pretend,
To be someone other than me.

I can show you a whole new world,
And not regret every second of your time,
I can give you all the words,
That can make the perfect rhyme.

I can show you the real me,
I can show you what I could do,
I can tell you what I wanna be,
I can tell you what is true.

Maybe one day I'll find my way,
For me to be myself,
Maybe one day I can break away,
Just like everybody else.
A/N : Let me know what you think.. . . 
All The Best and. . . 
Roger and Out. . . :D

What Is Love?

Love is something I'll never understand,
Love is just another problem in my hand,
When will I open my eyes?
 To see that they are all just lies.

Love don't mean any harm,
Nor will it be troublesome,
But why can't I think that way?
Even though I get so much love everyday.

Love is a mystery that can never be unravel,
No matter how far you travel,
Love will remain a mystery,
In a way even I couldn't see.

As a matter of fact,
I don't know how to react,
If you ask me what love means,
Or ask me whether love is a prize to win.

Love is not something you can get easily,
Because none of us could see,
That to gain love, you have to earn it,
Not learn it.

Maybe one day I'll finally understand,
Why the people in the past ran,
Ran so fast just for love,
Even when they're up above.
A/N : Hehe... Hope you like it and please tell me what you think. . . 
All The Best and. . . . 
Roger and Out. . .  :D

ABC Poem

Another lonely night,
But I'm still alright,
Can't stop to think about you,
Do you know how much I miss you?
Either way, I can't stay,
For there is too much in the way,
Go ahead and set yourself free,
Hey, you know you wanna be with me,
I will do all that I can,
Just to make you understand,
Kneeling down won't make a difference,
Like I will ever want to make some reference,
Might as well just give up the game,
Neither you nor I could keep our fame,
On my last day here,
Please break away all my fears,
Quite down a little bit,
Right at the moment when I kiss your lips,
Sing me the melody only you and I can make,
Tell me that our vow will never break,
Unite all of our feelings together,
Very close so it will last forever,
With all the things you could see apart,
X-rays can't let you see through one's heart,
You should know by now,
Zodiac can make you wonder 'How?'
A/N : The letter 'Z' is really confusing for me. . I hope it's not that confusing... :D
So, All The Best and. .. 
Roger and Out. . . :D


Assalamualaikum and YES. . . It is that time of the year/semester when you will encounter 'The Examination'.

Somehow, I made it sound awesome! There is nothing awesome about this!
The end is nearing. I'm actually excited about it but at the same time, scared of it.

Who knows what could happen?
But hey, I only have three papers to take anyway.
SO, there's not much for me to worry about, right? Well, that's what I think.

Anyway, let's stop talking about the exam. I'm getting bored of it. Let's talk about a story I'm concentrating on currently.

'My Last Wishes'.

That's the title. As you can already know, I'm still working on it. So, if I cant finish it within this month, then I'll just enter this story for next years Watty Awards.

Yeah, I know. This is very disappointing.
I'm really sorry..

If I have the time, I'll write a short story for you to read. After this, I'll post more of my poems, to make up for my lack of. . .

Lack of what?
You tell me....
Anything is fine..

Tune in for my poems. . .

So, All The Best and. . ..

Roger and Out. .. :D