Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Part Of My journal #4

Hey! How's it going?!

*angry mobs come running towards me with pitch forks and fire*

Me : I'm sorry, I'm sorry!! I've been busy lately! Don't kill me! (while running away)



Yes, I have been the WORST blogger in history! I know I haven't blogged about anything at all for a few months now... So, from now on, I'm just going to share mostly of my journal...

I'm not going to be able to post my short stories because I actually lost them. Yes, all of them. And I didn't even have a copy of the work! I sulked the whole day knowing I just lost my work and I will never get it back.

 I will try my best to re-write it... I'll make sure I finish it and immediately post it.

You probably would have never known this but I've finished my first semester and now I'm in my second semester. I finished my first semester on October. I just started my second semester and yeah, no assignments yet... YET!!

So far, I've met five of my lecturers and one of them is the same lecturer I had last semester. Oh, and for my One Act Drama course, we're going to do a One Act Play.. This is so exciting!! And I actually have people I've never group with!!

The group leader told me that I will be one of the characters in the play -which means I will need to act-. Yay! I'm going to do something I've never done before again! Oh, and since I've started dancing, I've been addicted to it.

I started searching for dance tutorial and stuff like that... I'm currently learning Gee by SNSD. I already got half the dance move... I'm having so much fun doing so...

I just recently got myself a Skype too... If you want it, just ask for it. I'm rooming with seven other people.

Is there anything else that I still have to let you know. Updates that you haven't heard about?? I passed my exam last semester.

You know what? It's easier if you ask me questions... I'll definitely answer all of it! So, just ask me anything you want..

So, All The Best and....

Roger and Out... :D

Oh, I'm addicted to K-pop now!! :P hehehe