Monday, 25 May 2015

A Short Story and An Adventure Series

How's it going peeps?!

Okay, straight to the point. My short story is kind of half-way done and there's a new story I've been working on.

I left it for a while and recently I've been able to continue writing it. I'm on chapter 2 now.

I can give you guys a preview but decide to just give you a brief synopsis of the story.

The story is about a girl who finds herself able to travel through different dimensions and was gifted with the four elements power.

No, she's not the avatar.

Anyway, at first it was confusing but then as her adventures starts to get serious, that's when she finally learns the truth about herself.

This story might end up with a few books but every book will be like a mini novel.

I don't plan on showing you the first chapter yet because I want to have at least half of the story done first.

Anyway, for my short story, it's kind of a love story. So, yeah, don't worry, it's not too cliché of a love story.

I guess that's it. At least I gave you an update. So.....

All The Best and...

Roger and Out...


Sunday, 17 May 2015

Graduation / Convocation Day In The Rain


Exactly what the title said!

It was raining!!!!!! Currently my favourite weather somehow....


I am now officially graduated from UiTM. Though I'm technically still here pursuing my Degree. I only just recently graduated from Diploma in Creative Writing.

Best part of the day?

Just simply being there, seeing old friends -though their not so old-, having both my parents with me and most of all, knowing that my accomplishment is the work of Allah.

I wouldn't have been able to do anything without His guidance, literally.

There were times when I just want to give up, when I want nothing to do with any of this but I was constantly reminded of my parents, their sacrifices for me, all the hardwork they've gone through to get me to where I am now.

He is the only One able to remind me of all of this and with that in mind, I finished my Diploma and I was able to make my parents proud of me, happy for me.

Happiest day of my life?


On the side note, be sure to stay tuned for a short story I'm currently writing. Don't worry, this one will definitely be finished within a few more months. I would say within this month but then I'd be lying. :-P

The story is already almost halfway through. So, hopefully by next month it would be completed.

Anyways, time to talk in codes so that only I could understand this.

Saw people, too much pressure, thought it'd be normal but it was abnormal. Cannot look at the sky, the universe made me question whether it hates me or not. Dun, dun dun. I remember again, cannot stop thinking. Hope it will fade again. Until then.

So, All The Best And...

Roger and Out...