Sunday, 30 June 2013

Aching Heart

Aching Heart

I don't know why,
This feeling is haunting me,
I just want to cry,
Every time you leave me be.

My heart is aching,
Please make it stop,
Can't you hear me screaming?
Right here on your rooftop.

Until today my poems are pointless,
Maybe it's because I've lost my heart,
Now you see me as a mess,
So, please don't tear me apart.

Listen when I talk,
Because I won't say it again,
Time for me to take a walk,
Alone in this pouring rain.


Somehow a poem came out when I was listening to We Are Broken by Paramore!!!

Anyway, tell me what you think...
Feedbacks are much appreciated...

So, All The Best and. . .

Roger and Out. . .  .


3rd Semester!!

:) :D :P ;) ;D ;P

It's been a month since my third semester and so far it's been pretty uneventful. (Well, if you don't count the Karyaone day; it was cool. I guess.)

In this semester, what I've found out is that two courses would require me to do a pitching. I'm already dreading that day. .


Well, I don't exactly have any idea to pitch and I'm in no mode to think of one. This is really bad. Oh, and in Creative and Critical Thinking course, we'll have a showcase! Yay!

I'm not really looking forward to it but if I'm in the right group (or with the people who aren't too ambitious) then maybe I'll really enjoy this course..

Oh, NO!!!!!

I lost my writing mode too early!!


This may be short but at least I updated my blog, right?
Anyway, since I don't know when will I be in a writing mode again or have something interesting to tell, then don't really hope for an update so fast.
I guess I have to stop here now.

So, All The Best and. ..

Roger and Out. .


Saturday, 29 June 2013

Like FINALLY, right???

Hey, long time no see.
Well, that's mainly my fault. I haven't been around lately. I could've updated my blog any time I want but I didn't.
To say that I've lost interest in writing is so dead wrong!!

I will never lose interest in something I'm passionate about!
But. . . . .


I didn't lose interest in writing!!
I have interest towards other things too now and it kind of made me stop writing for a moment.
Currently, I have a few modes that will occur from time to time...

1st mode - Writing Mode : This is when I can definitely write so many things that are just awesome! (Not bragging, this is base on my observation and feedbacks I get from people who have read my work)

2nd mode - Reading Mode : This is when I will surf the e-book community to find many different kinds of books to read. I could hours and hours of reading without getting bored.

3rd mode - Drawing Mode : This is when I will search for anime characters or any kinds of pictures to draw and usually my drawings would turn out great.

4th mode - Singing Mode : This is when, well, all I want to do is sing. Too bad nobody in this room actually wants to hear me sing so I would usually try to overcome this mode. (Bad, feels so bad)

5th mode - Dancing Mode : Okay. . . I admit I rarely get into this mode but when I do, I can't do anything about it because then people will question me and stuff. I admit I'm afraid of their judgement but still sometimes I just really have to ignore this mode. (No matter how much I love it)

6th mode - Learning/Thinking/Researching/Curious Mode : Basically, this is when I became a total nerd and actually study and search for new knowledge. :P (Yeah, I have my nerdy side)


And that sums up everything. If you still haven't guessed it yet, I'm kind of in a writing mode. Just enough to actually make me update my blog.

So, I'll let you in on what's been going on with all the stories I'm writing.
Uh.. They're going great. I know I'm not being enthusiastic about it but it is going great.
And also, I have a new idea that I feel I should concentrate on this idea first.

What's different about this story is that I was inspired to write it by a song from a Youtuber.
Shadow by Sam Tsui.
Great song!! I love it with all my heart!
Plus, this story is going to be in the guy's POV. Something I've never done before. Which is why I'm observing the boys a bit too much. (Sounds like a creeper/stalker?? I know)

Anyway, I want to concentrate on this story first because I feel strongly towards the song and I already have every chapter in my head. I'm currently stuck only because I can't of a name for this guy character (not the main character).

But, so far, I'm not giving up on the story. I actually want to finish it.
Uh... I'm losing my writing mode.. No spirit left in me to write.

Anyway, I'll try to update again when I can. I mean, just because I'm not in a writing mode, doesn't mean I don't have anything to tell, right?

So, I have to end it here before my hands starts to complain...

All The Best and.. . .

Roger and Out. ..