Sunday, 30 June 2013

Aching Heart

Aching Heart

I don't know why,
This feeling is haunting me,
I just want to cry,
Every time you leave me be.

My heart is aching,
Please make it stop,
Can't you hear me screaming?
Right here on your rooftop.

Until today my poems are pointless,
Maybe it's because I've lost my heart,
Now you see me as a mess,
So, please don't tear me apart.

Listen when I talk,
Because I won't say it again,
Time for me to take a walk,
Alone in this pouring rain.


Somehow a poem came out when I was listening to We Are Broken by Paramore!!!

Anyway, tell me what you think...
Feedbacks are much appreciated...

So, All The Best and. . .

Roger and Out. . .  .


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