Monday, 1 April 2013

Part Of My Journal #10


Well, I guess now is a good time to say. . . Second semester has officially ended!! Well, to me it is.. XP

I only have one more paper to take tomorrow and I'm done!! I can finally go home!! :D
I'm so excited!! Why?

Because I'm finally going to get my driver's license! Yay!
Oh, and before I forget. . . Here is a little update  on my stories...

My Last Wishes

I'm supposedly writing a re-write for this story and so far I'm almost done with the first chapter. I'm going to start posting it on wattpad as soon as I have finished writing the first chapter. From there, I'm hoping to be able to get feedback from anyone who's reading it and give me your support in continuing to write the story.

Because without your support, I might not be able to write any further. :(
And that is just awful of me.
So, stay tuned for this story...

The First Ten ~ Book 1 ~ The First Phoenix

There will be a total of ten books for this story. I know.. A little too ambitious? But, I'm not going to write everything on my own. For the first book, yes, I'm going to write it on my own. Wait, before I go there, let me explain what this book will be about.

There will be ten books because in this book I will tell the story of all the first kinds.. ??
What kind??

Well, as you can see for the first book, it's about the first phoenix. NO. Not the bird but a human. The bird will be there too but the story is about this girl.

Okay. The ten first are:
1. First Phoenix
2. First Reaper
3. First Werewolf
4. First Vampire
5. First Witch
6. First Wizard
7. First Elf
8. First Dwarf
9. First Fairy
10. First Half blood

Yeah... That's it.. I want to write this book first because it's actually going to have more books coming out of it.. I know!! TOO AMBITIOUS!!

But, I have to do this! My brother and I. . .yes.. The person who will be helping writing this story is my brother..  We have a story idea and we feel that we can never understand how story will be if we don't start from it's root.

YES!! You figured it out! The First Ten is the root. We want to understand the story, hence, we decided to write a book for the root first and then we'll start from there the books we have planned before.

Enough about it... I'm already stating on chapter 1 for this book and I hope I'll be able to finish soon... :)

I'm Yours, Forever

What the hell??!!!!
Since when have I came up with this idea??
A long time ago when I was still in school.. XP

This story is about a witch (a girl, obviously) and a vampire (a guy. Thank you Captain way-too-obvious!!) who is in love..

They used to be in love. Anyways, I really can't explain the whole story because I'm actually trying to change the plot a little bit. I can only say...NO... The witch and the vampire won't get back together! That's too cliche.. :P

So, get that thought out of your head! >_<

If you're wondering if this story is somehow related to The First Ten, NO! It's not... I don't plan on writing some sappy love story for this epic-way-too-many-books-to-be-written thing. There will be a little love here and there.

But, can you tell me any action or adventurous movie or book that doesn't have any love in it??? Any kind of love at all.. ^_^
You can't... :P

Okay. That's going over board! Anyways, I'd advice you not to wait for this story because I haven't really thought of what the story will be about really and how it will go.

Last but not least!! The last book I have recently come up with and totally loving that I came up with this idea because I actually want this to happen to me! Too bad it can't!  >_<

My Secret Love

:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

No vampires! No witches! No phoenix! No magic! No supernatural stuff! No action! No adventure!
Just simply a love story you'll never find in this world!

Or maybe you can...... *in deep thought*

Anyways, this story is about a girl who has been keeping a secret from everyone about this secret love of hers. After a tragedy, she blank out of the world and she hasn't been herself. After a long while of suffering she finally decided to tell her friend about her secret love. What happened between her and this love of hers that caused her to block out everything from herself?

Sound interesting enough?? ^_^

I seriously love that I actually came up with a love story idea! I can tell you now that I've never been in love but I know exactly how to write this story.

I'm already starting with the story and I hope I'll finish the firs chapter soon. I'd say stay tune for this one too!!


Too many stories??? Too ambitious???
I think I like the idea that I have these many ideas for a story because I really want to write again and I'm going on overdrive just because I'm so excited about all of my story!

If you still don't know where to find this story of mine, here's a link to it!!


I think that's it and yeah, I'm going to start on all of this story again when I get back home!! KL!! Wait for your beloved citizen!!


So, All The Best and.. . .

Roger and Out. . .