Tuesday, 18 September 2012



Wow! This could be the first time I actually start my entry properly! Haha! Proper is the least of my worries..  But don't be surprise if one day you hear people saying how proper I am.. I mean, the way I eat, the way I sit, the way... To put it simply, the way I do almost everything!

What does this have anything to do with my title? Nothing! That's what... :)

Right, going back to what my title screams... GO GLAM!!!
That is the theme for this event where we will meet our mentor.. Which will start in a few hours.. So, why am I here writing (more like typing) this entry?

Because I have no idea what to wear! This could be the first time that I'm worried about what to wear.. I would usually just put on anything that is presentable? Or proper! Haha!

To top it all, I don't actually have anything glamorous to wear.. Pity me. But I'm not asking for your sympathy!! Now, I really don't know what to do.. 

Actually, I have an idea and it involves asking for my housemates help.. Hehe (evil laughs)... I'm sorry, I can't be evil.. It's just not me.. I can be evil only at proper times. 

Anyway, let's get my mind off of this whole GO GLAM thing... What to talk about??? Hmmm....
I know!

I'm currently working on a novel but it's not for publishing. I just want to enter it for an award on this writing website.. Wattpad!

I'm still working on it, unfortunately.. I'm starting to think that I might not be able to finish it on time before the dead line.. But I will try my best to finish it...

Once I've finished it, I will post it here so you can read it too... But, if you want to vote for my story on that award, then visit this website :

The link above will direct you to my profile there... Search for the story entitled 'My Last Wishes'... But only do so when I announced that I have finished writing it and starting to post the story.. 

But if you want to read my poetry -which is also submitted for the first ever Wattpad Attys- you can go there anytime. 


I guess that's all for now.. I need to find something to wear for this event.. *sigh*
Two and a half hour is enough, right?

I hope it is..
So, All The Best and....

Roger and Out... :D

Wassalam... hehehehe

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

For You

For You

There has never been a day,
Where I have never shed a tear,
Neither was there a way,
For me to escape this fear.

Losing you was something hard,
Knowing you won't be there,
When I need to feel your heart,
Close in my care.

If you were still here,
I would make up for lost time,
I would try to find a cure,
To heal all of your crime.

If you were still here,
I would make sure that you know,
How much I have to fear,
Just so you won't go.

I want to feel you near me,
I want to feel your kindness,
So that I could finally see,
How much I have always known less.

"Please don't go",
Is all that I could say,
For you to know,
I want you to stay.
A/N : This is my newest poem.... I wrote it on the 9th of September... Hope you like it and I am so sorry for not updating recently...
I've been way too busy lately with my final projects and presentation... What's worse is that my final exam is nearing.. So, I hope I can update more often after everything cools down a bit... 
So, All The Best and....
Roger and Out.. :D