Tuesday, 14 October 2014

New life! New adventures!

Hello people of the world!!!
I am back!

Actually, I could have started blogging again sooner but it never crossed my mind until recently.
I guess you're all wondering what has been going on in this not-so-entertainng life of mine.

Well, first of, I have finally finished my Diploma (YAY!!!!!) and I'm currently taking the MUET test so I could pursue my studies in Degree level.

My speaking test was yesterday and it went well, I guess. My group couldn't conclude our discussion though because all of our points have their advantages and disadvantages also, the main reason is because my group only consists of three people in it (including me).

The part that I didn't like the most when we were discussing (before our test) is when they finally found out that I was 2 years older than them. After that they were like "Sorry, we didn't mean to be rude," and stuff.

They were shocked!!!

Anyway, speaking test went well and now I have to wait for the 8th of November for my reading, writing and listening test.


New life! New adventures!


Because I am officially 20 and well. . . I don't know...



I am definitely going to start exercising more and dance more. That's what I meant with new life! new adventures!

My youngest sister is going to join me in this quest for a new healthy life and I am proud of her.

Did you know that she got sick really bad recently and I thought it was completely over for her?
Now, she finally realizes the importance of staying healthy.

Singing may not be my forte but who says I can't learn to sing?
That will take time though so, don't hope for me singing any time soon.

Also, I'm currently writing a new story entitled "Wolf-less". This story is about a werewolf girl but she doesn't have her wolf which makes her unable to shift. Find out more when I finally have at least 10 chapters of this story. Currently there is only one chapter. I'm still writing chapter 2 but don't worry because I can write this story.

I don't know why but it almost seem so easy for me to write this story. That's why I'm going to concentrate on this story and if I have ideas for my other stories then I will write them.

What else?

I have no idea what else to say.
If I have anything to say then I will blog it...

So, All The Best and. . .

Roger and Out. . . .


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